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Association Comittees

Want to join a Timbers Committee?


The Board welcomes resident volunteers who’d like to serve on Timbers Committees. Our residents can do alot to help keep our community safe, clean and operating smoothly.

Contact East Coast Management if interested. 



This committee is responsible for overseeing pool concerns, clean-up days, community yard sales, and community social events.



This committee is responsible for conducting parking surveys and determining pass usage.



Architectural and Environmental Control (AECC) 


The Architectural and Environmental Control (AECC) Committee meets as needed to discuss and review homeowner applications for exterior updates.





This committee manages community wide communications including the Facebook and Twitter accounts, the community website and the community newsletter.



Neighborhood Watch 


Consider volunteering as a Block Captain for your neighborhood. Your time would help support our neighborhood watch for any community concerns or violations, as detailed in the Timbers by-laws, providing helpful information to neighbors, and feedback to the association. If you are interested, please contact East Coast Management.



Become a Board Member


The Timbers Board consists of seven community homeowners in good standing who overseea wide variety of community affairs, managing the Timbers budget, and working with our management company.
If you would like to take an active role in community affairs, you are welcome to attend our next meeting and meet the current members.

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