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Assessment Payment Options

Owners have the following 4 options for payment of their assessments:


1. Pay online through the Association's bank


You may pay with a credit or debit card, or by e-check through the Association's bank.  

The bank charges a fee to pay with a credit or debit card (about 3%), but they do NOT

charge a fee for e-check payments.  

To pay with a card, or by e­ check, please go to and sign up or select "Pay Assessments."


Under "Property Details" please enter the following:  

Management  ID:  7042

Association  ID: 0017TI (Please note, 0 = zero)

Property/Account #:  Your 4 digit account number with the Association (beginning with "1" and located on your quarterly payment coupons).

Address:  The street address of the property you are paying for.

2. Sign up for direct debit

To sign up to have your fees automatically debited from your bank account, please fill out

a Direct ACH Debit application and mail it to:


The Timbers Association

c/o East Coast Management
6703 Caneel Court
Springfield, VA 22152​,


or email it to  Be sure to attach a voided check if funds are

drawn from a checking account.  Returned payments due to incorrect account or

routing numbers may result in a $25 returned payment fee.  You will receive a

confirmation letter or email with the start date for the first debit. 

3. Send a check directly to our office

     (please include address or acct. #)

The Timbers Association
c/o East Coast Management
6703 Caneel Court
Springfield, VA 22152​

4. Send payment WITH COUPON to the lock box
     (must send with coupon)

The Timbers Association
East Coast Management
P.O. Box 65641
Phoenix, AZ 85082-5641


Payment due dates:

1st quarter payments are due January 1st, late after February 15th.
2nd quarter payments are due April 1st, late after May 15th.
3rd quarter payments are due July 1st, late after August 15th.
4th quarter payments are due October 1st, late after November 15th.

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